henriod family

 I warned you about the cuteness that was about to happen on this blog! Here it is!! The cutest kids ever! Aside from being so adorable they were troopers. It was raining and freezing, but they all just went with it and were so cute and sassy! Their little personalities just exploded in front of the camera. I seriously have never had so much fun shooting in the rain!

 The kids definitely earned their post-shoot hot chocolate!


  1. Thanks Britta! You are so sweet. Thanks for capturing our little ones so beautifully!

  2. What a beautiful family! Of course I am bias to red hair! Their outfits are so cute and they all have the most beautiful color eyes I have ever seen. You work is so amazing Britta :) Great Job!!!!

  3. I am so cute!!!! I never knew about this! I feel like my family is just cuter in this picture. Its sad that Laird is not in it (Baby brother) but it is adorable My eyes are much more blue than normal! I am the little blondy!