dabell family

 Emmy stole my heart. 
 Her brothers were pretty cute too.

 What a lucky mom and dad!


little miss juliette

 I dare you to look at this photo and not smile! She is so giggly and has the cutest squeaky voice with a hint of a Southern drawl.



tate family

This little dude was SO not okay with pictures. He was all over the place. But look at that face! And his curly golden locks. I was smitten. I couldn't help it. He may not have been a fan of me and my camera, but he was so fun to photograph.



kevin + laurie

 Kevin and Laurie went to high school together. It was the beginning of their story but not the middle. They did end up together but it took a while! Check out their high school dance photo below!

 Their first date was a high school dance. No sparks. Just another dance. Fast forward a few years. They meet at again at a high school reunion. Kevin was hooked! Luckily it didn't take Laurie long to come around too.


glazier family

 Meet the Glaziers. Are they not perfect?! This family is so much fun. Those adorable little boys kept me running the whole time. But they were worth it!