cutest kids on the block

honestly?! how cute are these kids. we barley missed the snowstorm doing this shoot. can you not get enough? me either. click below to see more!

starr family


meet the malans

how cute is this family? you may recognize penny from an earlier post. but her parents needed to be in some pictures too. i am so glad that natalie is the photographer in her family so i could take some beautiful pictures of just her and penny. the two of them together were unbelievable! but penny always smiled the best when daddy was around!


meet penny . . .

isn't she adorable?! this baby LOVED the camera! i have never met a baby so willing to pose and smile every time she heard the shutter go off.  she made me really think about maybe having more kids so that i can have a baby girl to dress up.


scott + jenny


we beat the rain! the weather thought really hard about not cooperating, but lucky for us we didn't get wet.