my kiddos

I have these big ideas for shoot that I want to do with my boys that I never ever get around to doing. Sometimes its as simple as pulling out my camera and playing with them. Clothes usually don't happen until lunch time most days. And while I attempt to clean up part of the house, they destroy another part. Today it was Ben's bed, I mean fort.


henriod family

 I warned you about the cuteness that was about to happen on this blog! Here it is!! The cutest kids ever! Aside from being so adorable they were troopers. It was raining and freezing, but they all just went with it and were so cute and sassy! Their little personalities just exploded in front of the camera. I seriously have never had so much fun shooting in the rain!

 The kids definitely earned their post-shoot hot chocolate!


shut the front door!

This is only a teeny tiny taste of the cuteness that I just photographed. Holy Cow! How stink in cute is she?


nelson family

 This family is so much FUN!!! They were up for anything.

 Their six kids are so beautiful: Ali, Sophie, Maxwell, Charlie, Chole, and Maddie.

 Max stole my heart completely. We played frisbee with my reflector while everyone else was getting ready. He thought it was hilarious.
Charlie is the mischief man. He was always on the move. He literally dove into the playhouse to avoid getting his picture taken.
 Little did he know that I am super sneaky too!